Gaia garments are true to our Size Chart so please don’t order based on what size you are in other companies garment sizes. Basing your desired fit around your true measurements will yield the best results. Please keep in mind we make CUSTOM CLOTHING here at Gaia Conceptions not TAILORED clothing. A Tailored fit requires the body to be present.

Relaxed Fit – order one size up from your measurement

General Fit –  order the size closest to your measurements, it is normal for your garment to be a little snug at first, it will relax out after 15-20 mins of wearing

Fitted Fit – order one size down from measurements, this will be pretty tight at first and should relax out after wearing for 15-20 mins. This is only recommended if you have ordered a general fit from us before and are confident the one size down is going to give you the fitted look you prefer. In our experience sizing down works best with our more forgiving fabrics such as light hemp, tissue cotton, and lycra blends

For Tops and Dresses – go with your bust and hip measurements

For Bottoms – go with your hip measurement

For Love me 2 Times – use hip measurement – top part is very stretchy