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Introduction to our Length Charts

We offer a large range of organic fabric options when you're customizing your garment and these fabrics shrink in length differently during the garment dyeing process depending on the design, on the fabric, from one fabric bolt to the next, and the slight temperature differences in each dye bath. All this means predicting and providing an exact length for each garment is nearly impossible so we give approximations. 



Since each body is so unique, we recommend measuring yourself rather than going solely off of the length name or how the garments look on the models. For example a "Below Knee" garment on one person may be floor length on someone else.

To Determine your length we recommend measuring yourself to your desired length based on below length chart instructions and then best matching that to the length variation that includes your desired length. Keep in mind your garment could be at the shortest or longest length in that approximation so choose the next longest length if the shortest length isn't going to work for you. 

If you prefer an EXACT LENGTH we recommend ordering the next longest version of your style choice and having a local tailor (or most Dry Cleaners) hem to the perfect length once you've had a chance to put it on. We can also accommodate a Special Request for an exact length but this usually adds an extra week to our turnaround time. Please CONTACT US before ordering for instructions on how to Request an exact length.



Short Sleeve - Approximately 1.5 inches from armpit to hem

Above Elbow Sleeve - Approximately 8 inches from armpit to hem

Below Elbow Sleeve - Approximately 17 inches from armpit to hem

Long Sleeve - Approximately 23 inches from armpit to hem

X- Long Sleeve and Thumbhole Sleeve - Approximately 27 inches from armpit to hem


Tops, Dresses, and Jackets

We take this measurement along the garment side seam from armpit to hem




We take this measurement along side seam from top to bottom. Measurement includes 3 inch folded waistband, add 3 inches for unfolded.


Shorts, Gauchos, and Pants

We take this measurement at the inseam.


Love Me 2 Times

We take this measurement along side seam from top to bottom. It includes approximately 20 inch tube top.



Kaftan Length