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Fiber Reactive Low-Impact Dyes

are the same dyes big manufactures use to be considered OEKO-TEX or GOTS Certified because they have a higher than average absorption rate (70%-80%, depending on the color). This means less water is required in the rinse process and less dye runs off in the water; therefore, the dyes have a lower impact on the environment. Low-impact Fiber Reactive dyes do not contain heavy metals (like chrome, copper and zinc), nor do they require toxic chemical mordants to fix them to the fiber.

Dying the garments after they have been cut and sewn uses far less dye than the typical method of dyeing fabric yardage before garment production, allowing us to save precious dye resources until a garment is requested.

 If you’re interested in the most eco friendly dyes we offer, please check out our Natural Dyes.

The Beauty of Hand Dyed Garments

Because we hand dye each garment on a variety of organic fabrics no 2 batches are ever exactly the same and the degree of variation shifts from fabric to fabric, dye bath to dye bath, and season to season. There are then further variations created by your computer color setting, the camera settings, and the unique light when the image was taken. Finally, there is each individual’s personal perception of color at play.


We hand dye each garment so colors will shift a little each dye bath. We love celebrating the diversity and uniqueness that occurs when a human is intimately connected to imparting color onto a garment. No two garments will ever be the same!!!


We use only Organic Fibers, this means how the fiber takes the dye will shift from season to season, based on the specific conditions when each fiber was grown and each fabric will take the dye a little differently. For an example The Hemp/Organic Cotton Fleece will take the dye differently than the Light Hemp/Organic Cotton. Then even further variation may occur with the same fabric if grown in different seasons. It is truly our joy to honor the Nature of Nature by allowing her to speak through our clothing in this way.


We cannot control how color may appear on your computer or mobile device’s screen, so please expect variations of the colors shown below. Colors will always look different depending on your computer’s color settings, the setting of camera and light when image was taken, and your individual color perception.

Variations in Color

All of these nuances means no two garments will ever be the same, offering us as makers and you as a supporter of eco handmade the opportunity to celebrate nature, the human hand, and embrace the beautiful uniqueness that occurs when all these worlds are united. Thanks so much for joining us and we hope you enjoy your one of a kind Gaia Garment.

Below are clothing images of our Fiber Reactive Dye Color options and some of there variations on a range of fabrics.