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Crystal Grid Meditation

Crystal Grid Meditation

Your soul chose this place, this moment to awaken. This place of disconnect and discord, humanity’s mounting failed attempts to control, to master, to exert power over, to forget the simple beauty of the interlacing of All. This place of flipping icebergs and dwindling mountaintops, daily extinctions of hundreds of species and loss of autonomy through the bold and grossly mismanaged attempt to strip that same autonomy from other beings. And why this choice? Why this place, this time? Because YOU are meant for this dark night of the soul. Your strength and knowledge and understanding are necessary. Our souls long for something simpler, something that recognizes that we are part of this great organism, something that has the ability to let go, to relinquish control to the Universe or God or Spirit or the Great Mystery or whatever name you give this lovely incomprehensible all-encompassing Everything. Our souls are not used to this disconnect. So find your way back to community, back to respecting all beings, back to nurturing this wild and wonderful planet, back to honoring the sun and moon and stars, back to celebrating the cycles of the seasons and seeing those cycles reflected in your own body, mind and spirit, back to your own personal power within. Find your way back with Sugar Quartz, Carnelian, Yellow Jasper, Desert Rose, Clam Shells, Sunstone, Citrine, Brucite, Red Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone and Quartz.
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