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Crystal Grid Meditation

When we experience grief and loss, debilitating trauma or hostility, we rely on others like an extended nervous system to provide extra strength and support when our reserves are depleted. There is no greater display of love than this. Simply being present, listening, holding space. And this support system is so much larger than our human community. It expands to include animals and plants, mountains and rivers, stones and soil, the air we breathe, planets, stars, the sun, the moon, spirits and guides and deities. All these entities and more combine to create a storm weathering capability so powerful that we need never feel alone. We are Earth creatures, and we are always stronger together. Nurture the ones who need it most, and call on that greater support network when you need it. If you show these ones respect and love, you shall receive it in return. This world is right under your feet. It is all around you. Allow it to carry you with Petrified wood, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Orange Calcite, Pink Calcite and Pyrite.
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