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Crystal Grid Meditation

Allow your dreams to guide you. They can teach you things internal, deep within that are yearning to be brought to the surface. Your most nurtured hopes and desires; the ones you buried in order to make surface desires achievable, or other’s desires more important, or just to make daily life more simple. When you access these wishes through your dreams, a wellspring of power and abundance is possible. What do you see in your dreams? What people? Animals? Ideas? Encounters? Does it ever feel like the dream isn’t really your dream, but someone else’s? Are you the same person in your dreams? Do you ever see yourself? Do you ever lucid dream, or know that you are dreaming and start to manipulate the dreamscape like the powerful creator that you are? Your dreamtime is you. A strange, yet intimately familiar mirroring of your waking life. It is the deepest reaches of your spirit. The darkness and the light. Listen to your dreams. Be a pioneer of the frontier of your inner self with Azurite, Citrine, Blue Lace Agate, Hematite Moji Stone, Mica and black Kyanite.
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