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Crystal Grid Meditation

Crystal Grid Meditation

Every second of every day an opportunity. Every moment pregnant with possibility. A chance to make a choice, to change your mind, to ask forgiveness, to make a move, to be grateful, to ask a question, to learn something new. A golden hand from the clouds offering the first step; the first conversation; the first time you ever heard his voice; the first morning of the first day of your new job; the first time you ever thought about it that way; the first time you understood who she really is, as opposed to who you wanted her to be; the first touch; the first kiss; the first time you heard the song of your own blood singing; the first day of the rest of your life. Your inner self is calling to you each precious moment to awaken to these possibilities; to savor the depths of this bottomless well of opportunity; to reach out and grab that golden hand and skip off into the joy of your own beautiful choices; to recognize and accept the lovely enigma of your own mind. See the possibilities and plan your perfect intuitive path with Amazonite, Aquamarine, Blue Calcite, Scolocite, Elestial Etched Keyhole Quartz Wand, Bizmuth and Pyrite.
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