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Crystal Grid Meditation

Crystal Grid Meditation

If you truly do not know the answer or are unsure of how to proceed with a decision, be honest with yourself and others about your unconsciousness, inexperience or innocence. The unknown is not always unknowable. You might strive to learn a new skill or understand a ancient language or even discern a well kept secret. And yet there are also mysteries that can only be unraveled through the relinquishing of a need to solve them, only witnessed in the flow of time and no time. And even still there are secluded depths that one will never comprehend in lifetimes upon lifetimes. This is the magic of our minds and hearts in connection with this Earth and in connection with each other. Start within. Descry the enigma that is you and you take steps ever closer to the truth of the Universe. Share what you find there if it feels good to do so. Embrace the unknown with Aquamarine, Pyrite, Bloodstone, Quartz, Kyanite and Selenite.
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