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Crystal Grid Meditation

Have you ever stopped to watch a single speck of dust spin and float until it reaches a resting place? Marveling at the seeming stillness all around it, and yet it rolls and twist on some unknowable current? There is a sort of commitment in taking such a moment to slow and watch the smallest of entities move effortlessly through space. Might you make the same small commitment to yourself and others? The simple gift of time and quiet listening? The taking of a moment to just observe and be present? There is something to be gained from that invisible stream in which the dust is suspended. For we are all drifting in that flow, fingertip to crow’s wing, speck of dust to rolling ocean. We all might make a similar commitment at once to care for and nurture ourselves, and in so doing, care for and nurture all beings. What do you wish to commit to today? How will this bring joy to the Universe? Make a commitment with Ocean Jasper, Cobaltian Dolomite, Blue Apatite, Amazonite, Garnet, Sodalite, Prehnite and Pyrite.
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