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Crystal Grid Meditation

We are all on a spectral wheel, moving and flowing, living and relating. At times we might bypass the flow, bouncing from one side of this wheel to the other propelled by attraction or trauma or love or fear. But, when we slow to meet these truths, when we release the need to control the input of those outside of ourselves, we can click back into the organic process that is a joyous life. When the choice to manipulate becomes your instinctual choice, you begin to lie. You seek out the sticking point with every individual that allows you to feel you constantly have the upper hand in your relations. This is beyond disrespectful. This is cruelty. Cruelty to others, but also ultimately cruel to yourself. This interrupts the ability to circulate naturally within this golden wheel that is ultimately divine peace and love. Slow down, proceed with caution and measured steps, else you’ll miss the true beauty that comes with patience and care and humility and respect for all beings’ right to the truth. When we all desist in manipulation, we all gain truth. Gain truth by giving truth with Chabazite, Citrine, Green Opal, Sunstone, Halite, Seraphinite, Shell, Fossilized Sand Dollar, Pink Calcite and Quartz.
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