To Determine your length we recommend measuring yourself to your desired length and then best matching that to the length variation that includes your desired length.

Since each body is unique, we recommend measuring yourself rather than going solely off of the length name or how the garments look on the models.  For example a “Below Knee” garment on one person may be floor length on someone else.

The Below Approximations are designed to be a general guide. Because we offer a variety of organic fabric options that will vary in shrink ratio during each dye bath and shift from season to season due to organic farming methods ,there may be further variations from below approximations.This variation is expected and part of the beauty of creating with organic fabrics.
Typically on Shorter side of approximations – Light Hemp Hemp Organic Cotton Knit, Med Hemp Organic Cotton Knit, Fleece Hemp Organic Cotton Knit, Tissue Hemp Organic Cotton Knit, Lace Organic Cotton Knit, Thermal Hemp Organic Cotton Knit
Typically on Longer side of approximations – Blockprint Organic Cotton Knit, Organic Wool, Light Stretch Hemp Organic Cotton Knit, Med Stretch Hemp Organic Cotton Knit, Heavy Stretch Hemp Organic Cotton Knit, Stretch Organic Cotton Knit

If you prefer an EXACT LENGTH we recommend ordering the next longest version of your style choice and having your garment hemmed once you’ve had a chance to put it on. We can also accommodate a Special Request for an exact length. Please CONTACT US before ordering for instructions on how to Request an exact length.



Short Sleeve – Approximately 1.5 inches from armpit to hem

Above Elbow Sleeve – Approximately 8 inches from armpit to hem

Below Elbow Sleeve – Approximately 17 inches from armpit to hem

Long Sleeve – Approximately 23 inches from armpit to hem

X- Long Sleeve and Thumbhole Sleeve – Approximately 27 inches from armpit to hem