Ritual Babydoll Below Knee Dress


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Style – The Ritual style is a V neckline with a thin roll of fabric to add accent and structure.

Shape – The Babydoll shape is fitted at the bust, then floats out to a flowy, loose-fitting torso that is both functional and flattering. For an even flowier fit, view our Wanderer shape.

Size – Order based on BUST measurement

Fabric Shown – Light Hemp/Organic Cotton Knit

Color Shown – Seafoam



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2 reviews for Ritual Babydoll Below Knee Dress

  1. gaiaconceptions

    Amazing dress

    I just received this dress in the mail yesterday and have worn it since then, that’s how much I love it! I bought the sample of this dress (the one in the picture). I’m typically a size 8-10 (40-29-42), but the Small fits me fine. I’m only 5’1”, so it’s quite a bit below the knees (and calves for that matter). It’s about 4 inches above my ankle (tea length). The seafoam color is so gorgeous and changes depending on the light. The light hemp/cotton knit is slubby and rustic, but has a soft hand and isn’t scratchy. It’s very cold in Kansas right now, but It layers very well and I will be able to wear it year round. These are the kind of clothes that will last a very long time, quality construction and quality materials. I will definitely be buying more dresses from Gaia Conceptions!

    Posted by Ashley

  2. gaiaconceptions

    Royalty from the ocean

    What I ordered: Bluebird / medium hemp.cotton / length regular
    My experience: I am completely in love with this colour. I want to propose to it and grow old with it. It’s such a rich yet bright blue. And because of the curves of my body, the hem hangs around me in slight waves (instead of in a completely even machine circle). So in this dress, with the swathes of fabric flowing around me when I walk, gathering about when I sit, I feel like royalty from the ocean.
    Pointers: I am not tall (157cm/5”1) nor well-endowed so these are probably the cause – but the ritual neckline’s deepest point went to nearly below my bra-less boobs. With the weight of the material pulling it down as I went happily swishing through my day, I find I need to wear a tube for modesty.
    This is my first time ordering medium hemp – it’s a denser weave than the light hemp, much warmer, and in my opinion, probably much more durable. I will order more hard-wearing cold-weather clothes in this material from now on.
    And, on me this ‘Below Knee’ dress came nearly to my ankles – just got lucky that this dress was slightly longer, plus the weight of the fabric pulled it down. I had hoped for this and that’s why I ordered the length “regular”. I love it at this length, it looks royal yet I can go skipping through my everyday activities without being hampered.

    Posted by YH

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