Color Fabric Sample



This is a 10″ x 10″ square piece of sample fabric dyed in your color choice to help give you an idea of how each fabric takes each dye color.

Please note that we work with organic fabrics and there will be slight variations with each dye bath. This sample is not meant to be a color guarantee, the sample you receive is only an approximation and your garment will likely be slightly different. Inconsistency and variations of color are to be expected and are part of the beauty of hand dying organic fabrics. This means our colors will shift from dye bath to dye bath and from season to season, based on the specific conditions when each fiber was grown. This is especially true for our Natural Plant Dye Colors. It is truly our joy to honor the Nature of Nature by allowing her to speak through our clothing in this way.

If you only order a sample fabric without any additional garments in your order, it should ship from our studio within 1-2 weeks.  If you order a fabric sample in addition to ordering garments, the sample will ship with your completed order.