Blockprint Mask



Made from our Organic Cotton Blockprint Fabric and backed with our Hemp/ Organic Cotton Knit, these reusable non medical grade mask are designed to create a barrier for those seeking an extra layer of protection. Four ties make these mask totally adjustable to fit. They do not meet N95 standards but are meant to be an alternative due to the lack of mask currently available. They are most effective when worn over an N95 surgical mask to prolong it’s life. Mask should be washed after each use. We recommend washing in a lingerie washing bag or by hand  to prevent tangling of straps.

*For every mask purchased we will also make another mask to donate to those most vulnerable in our community. This means folks still working in grocery stores, our healthcare professionals, and the homeless. If you prefer you can also donate both masks, just make this selection in drop box.

Blockprinted – Our textiles are printed one at a time with carved wooden blocks and non-toxic vegetable dyes on the finest Organic Cotton Knit by master printers in the Deccan Plateau of India. Purchasing one of our block printed items directly supports an entire community of block carvers, dye mixers, master printers, and dhobi wallahs, while ensuring the environmentally sustainable future of an ancient textile tradition.

SIZE: A Small will Likely work best for a female adult and a Med will likely work best for an Male adult