WELCOME, and thank you for shopping at Gaia Conceptions

❤︎ We love providing the service of custom organic clothing and we greatly appreciate your support and understanding with the policies that make this possible ❤︎  Your support ensures that everyone received a fair and living wage for their time, energy, and skill, from the farmer in the field growing the fiber, to the artisan creating your garment, to the shipping person delivering your One of a Kind Gaia Garment. Thanks so much for being the foundation of a company where ethical, organic, and fair labor clothing is more important than having the same policies as big box stores…you rock !!!!


Alterations and overdyes are FREE if Returns Request Form is completed within 3 DAYS post marked original receiving date. We will only need to charge you for return shipping cost. We strive to make your garment just right, so please let us know if you need a little tweaking such as hemming once you have had a chance to try things on.

ALTERATIONS – Please keep in mind we offer Custom Clothing (NOT TAILORED) that requires the body to be present. For a TAILORED fit we recommend contacting your local tailor. We can easily alter certain garments down a size but not up. We can usually take away length but we can’t add it. If you have ordered too small a size or too short a length you will need to purchase your garment of choice in the next size up or the next longer length.

OVERDYES – If you are not crazy about the color you originally picked we offer overdyes. Please double check which overdye colors are POSSIBLE for your original color choice.

If it is past our 3 day deadline we charge $15 per overdye or hemming and $25 – $35 per fit alterations plus shipping cost.  

ALTERATIONS are not our primary business. This service is a courtesy we offer our clients if contacted in the timely manner stated above. For this reason please allow 3-4 weeks for alterations to be processed. If you need things quicker please contact a local tailor.


Because all orders are custom made to order we DO NOT offer refunds or exchanges. Please keep in mind we use a Sustainable and Fair Trade business model, so we have only charged you to cover the cost of making one item. As a custom clothing company focused on sustainability we are not able to sustain exchanges and refunds.


If your garment has a mistake, flaw, or we accidentally sent you the wrong garment we apologize for our misstep and we’re happy to fix that mistake or replace garment if Returns Request Form is completed within 3 DAYS of post marked original receiving date. Garment(s) must be unworn and unwashed. We cannot guarantee that you will like your garment, like the length, like the fit, or like the color – we do not consider these a garment flaw. Because all body types are different and people with the same measurements can look drastically different in the same garment we cannot guarantee you will look the same as the model in the photo. Please refer to our above ALTERATIONS and OVERDYE options for guidance on how we can tweak your garment.


No Cancellations or Changes to order please. We begin the production process when order is placed. Changing your order often requires us to make another garment and we haven’t charged you to cover the cost of 2 garments. As a custom clothing company focused on sustainability we are unable to make exceptions for vacation plans, weddings, or personal tragedies.