Our goals at Gaia Conceptions are to ensure our clothing materials and production methods are rooted in sustainability and our garment designs are beautiful, comfortable, and highly versatile.

This means observing every step involved with making a garment, from seed to shirt. We are continually tweaking our system to the highest standard. Often similar to the Slow Foods Movement, Slow Clothing focuses on organic materials, a mindful supply of energy, and artisan quality goods and services.

Organic Material

The first step was to only use certified organic fabrics that are produced either locally (North Carolina, USA) or through fair trade practices abroad. We also made sure our dyes are as eco-friendly as possible often passing on certain colors because they didn’t meet our standards. A mixture of natural dyes and low impact fiber reactive dye color options is currently the most eco-friendly option. We are always experimenting with new techniques and researching new possibilities.

Artisan Quality Goods & Services

Gaia Conceptions team of Artisans custom cuts, sews, and dyes each garment by hand at our studio in beautiful North Carolina. This gives us the opportunity to keep quality craftsmanship in every piece we make. We love giving the client the ability to build a more custom garment. We use the Lean or Made to Order method of production. Meaning that we make your garment for you upon order. Eliminating unwanted stock is just one of the ways we reduce our environmental impact. The Made To Order method produces less waste, uses less energy, and is over all a more sustainable system.

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Cutter and Sewer