In an effort to answer common questions quickly we have answered Frequently Asked Questions below. Thanks so much for your interest in & support of eco handmade. ♥ Gaia Studio ♥
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 1. How do I determine my size ?

We love this question and are excited to help you figure out which of our sizes will give you the fit you are looking for ! We know sizing can be tricky when shopping online, and we’re here to help in any way we can. In general most folks can wear 3 size ranges and the size you choose depends on the type of fit you are seeking. Take a look at our SIZE CHART AND GUIDE then please email our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM for sizing recommendations.

2. I want to know more about your fabrics ?


3. I want to know more about your natural dyes ?


4. I want to know more about your fiber reactive colors and dyes ?


5. Why does the color of my garment look different in person then it does on the computer screen ? Why does the same color look different in different images?

Color will always look different depending on your computes color settings, the setting of camera when image was taken, and the light when image was taken.

HUMAN -We hand dye each garment so colors will shift a little each dye bath. We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness created in a hand made piece and prefer to honor and appreciate the differences that occur when a human is intimately connected to each garment. No two garments will ever be the same.

NATURE – We use only Organic Fibers, this means our colors will shift from season to season, based on the specific conditions when each fiber was grown. It is truly our joy to honor the Nature of Nature by allowing her to speak through our clothing in this way.

All of these nuances means no two garments will every be the same, offering us as makers and you as a  supporter of eco handmade the opportunity to celebrate nature, the human hand, and the beautiful uniqueness that occurs when these 2 worlds are united. Thanks so much for joining us and we hope you enjoy your one of a kind Gaia Garment.

6. How do I return an item for alteration or overdye ?

All returns must be requested HERE

7. Can I request a custom length ?

Most of our garment styles are offered in a variety of lengths. While viewing a garment you will see the other lengths it’s offered in at the bottom of page. We also offer a shortened and sometimes tall variation option within our standards for folks with unique height proportions !!! Check out our LENGTH CHARTS for guidance or shop by length in our left navigation menu. If you prefer an EXACT LENGTH we recommend ordering the next longest version of your style choice and having your garment hemmed once you’ve had a chance to put it on.

8. How do I wash and care for my Gaia Garment ?


9. Do you offer Exchanges?

We offer exchanges for store credit worth 75% of original garment cost if Returns Request Form is completed within 7 DAYS post marked original receiving date. Garment must be unworn, unwashed, and pass inspection once returned to our studio before credit is given. Garments can only be exchanged once and no Sale or Build Your Own item is eligible for exchange.

10. Do you offer refunds?

We currently do not offer refunds. Although we are always up for a challenge, offering refunds is a bit tricky for our company’s current model and size. Our made-to-order business model, financial workflow, and strong belief in our garments themselves make us confident in offering store credit only at this time.

11. Do you sell your fabric ?

Yes, shop our fabric HERE

12. Do you offer Gift Cards ?


13. What does made-to-order mean?

Unlike traditional companies that produce inventory en masse and then make that inventory available to purchase, we don’t begin producing a garment until a customer has placed their order. Once the order is placed, we cut, sew, dye, inspect and ship the garment.

14. Why are you made-to-order?

We began as a made-to-order company and have kept that model as we’ve grown. It reduces waste (we don’t overproduce inventory or cut into materials that aren’t needed), this allows us to offer a wide variety of styles and sizes that other inventory-based companies can’t afford to offer. Because we don’t cut into fabric and produce a garment until it’s ordered, we’re able to be much more flexible with our collection and we’re not in the guessing game of predicting demand. There is also the sustainability of not expending precious material and human energy until another human has said they want and will use the object, and we don’t ever want to lose that dedication to Gaia.

15. Why is your turnaround time currently 2-4 weeks?

2-4 weeks is the amount of time we’re physically able to produce the orders that come in on a given week.

16. What is a turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is the amount of time it takes us to produce a made-to-order garment and prepare it for shipment. We place all the orders we receive in a given week into a production plan. Then we make all of the garments in that production plan – they move through the studio getting cut, sewn, dyed, inspected, and packed up as a group. Our turnaround time does not include USPS pick up and delivery. At any given moment, our team will be working on two or three production plans – one batch is in cutting, one in sewing, one in dyeing and fulfillment then getting ready for pickup. Each production plan is totally unique, containing only the garments you all have ordered.

17. MATERNITY – Do Gaia garments work well for a growing belly ?

Yes, the stretchy waistband on all our bottoms is perfect for growing and shrinking with your baby bump. We also recommend any of our love me 2 times items, they make the perfect base layer as you build an outfit and the stretchy tube band feels secure and comfy. Please check out our MATERNITY section for all garment that work great !!!

 18. I want to visit the Gaia Boutique, Where is your store located ?

We currently don’t have a brick and mortar location. We have found that selling ONLINE reaches more folks and makes the most sense with our Made to Order business model at our current location in Greensboro, NC. We are exploring the possibility of a store location in Winston Salem, NC. This would most likely be up and running Spring 2019 !!! Please join our Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, or Blog for updates !!!

19. Can I visit the Gaia Studio?

The Gaia Studio is closed to the general public, thanks so much for understanding.

20. Do you offer COUPON CODES ? What if I forget to include the code during checkout ?

Yes, if you would like to receive updates on coupon codes and giveaways please join our newsletter at bottom of page or our BLOG.
– Our coupon codes are not retroactive so please make sure you include them during checkout. Sorry, we can’t apply the coupon code after the order.


21. How do I join your NEWSLETTER ?

You can Sign up at the bottom of this page

22. Do you offer discounts for ordering more then one item ?

Sorry, this is a marketing technique that doesn’t work well with the handmade ethos. We would need to make at least 30 of the same item in the same color for this to apply. If you are interested in ordering wholesale please go HERE

23. Can you rush ship my order?

Good things take time. We are unable to rush orders simply because there are no garments to rush. Every garment is carefully made-to-order only after it has been purchased. We promise it will be worth the wait!

24. Am I responsible for paying customs fees when my order arrives?

Customs and import duties are levied by the receiving country and are therefore the buyer’s responsibility. We know these fees can oftentimes come as a surprise, so get a heads up about your country’s customs fees with a quick online search before purchasing. We are also unable to mark packages as gifts.

25. Can I update the shipping address on my order?

For sure! If you order hasn’t shipped yet, we can change your address. Email our Customer Relations Team with your new address, and we’ll make sure everything is updated.

26. Do you offer your items at Wholesale ?

Go HERE to learn more

27. How do I follow the Blog ?

Sign up HERE