Stone Medicine – Carnelian

Carnelian is a stone of connection, connection of the emotional and physical bodies within oneself, and connection of the same with others.  It banishes sorrow, envy, fear and rage, bringing joy to the practitioner.  It’s red, orange or red-brown color warms the heart and encourages a strong, yet tender feeling of love that comes from deep within.

Carnelian is most effective in opening and energizing the chakras from root to heart, but is especially useful in activating and stimulating the sacral chakra, located within the pelvic floor and associated with the sexual organs of the body.  It is a sensual stone, supporting a deeper trust and knowledge of one’s true desires and the unencumbered expression of those desires.

It is a stone of action, helping to relinquish expressions of apathy, passiveness and indifference.  It has also been used successfully to clear negativity from other stones, with a penetrating clearing action that transforms negative energy toward the light of transmutation with the precision of a blazing fire.

An elixir of carnelian can be used to treat cuts and surface wounds.  When placed on the body it has been useful in the treatment of diseases of the spine, kidneys, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas.  It is extremely helpful in the stimulation of the reproductive organs, and is an excellent stone for parents or those who want to conceive a child.  It is, therefore, also associated with promoting positive familial relations and providing a link for parents with other parents.



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