Gaia Goddess – Sophia Rose

I’m so excited to introduce our second Gaia Goddess Sophia Rose, creator of Garden Party and La Abeja Herbs. I love every herbal concoction I’ve ever tried from her but I’m especially enamored with her gifts of story telling and the Transformational Learning Portal that she has created through Garden Party. Each month you can look forward to receiving receipts, rituals, self care tips, and a beautiful window into Sophia’s travels and love of her home state of Texas. It is such a joy to receive a new Missive in my inbox and I love the fact that I can easily circle back to past post through the Library Portal. This makes it easy to digest her rich content at my own pace. She truly has a very unique and sensual way of bringing her special magic into the world. This amazing video is what she created when I sent her a few Gaia Garments and asked her to share her story.

film was created in collaboration with Leslie Satterfield

What is Sophia wearing…

The Super Cowl Perfect Pockets Long Dress


Words from the Creator

“At one time, all of our ancestors had intimate knowledge of plant medicine — it was simply a part of their daily lives. Today this precious knowledge has largely been lost due to the oppressive forces of settler-colonialism. It is urgent that we each do our part to repair and restore this sacred knowledge, so essential to both our basic humanity and our continued survival as a species. Garden Party provides resources for guiding you back into a reciprocal relationship with the living world in a way that is healing not only for us as humans, but for the planet as a whole.” Sophia Rose

What Do Members Receive


Sophia also offers a wide range of herbal medicines made by hand, in small batches, at her website La Abeja Herbs.

A few of my Favorites


Made With // Organic Kava Root, Pink Lotus, Neroli,
​and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils, Pearl, and Olive Oil


Rose Petal Elixir helps one to embody this same courage and to live as the most sincere + vulnerable version of themselves, trusting that they are always protected. Enjoy in one to twelve drop doses alone or in water up to six times a day.  


Use this Star Water to invoke radiant self confidence, a palpable sense of levity, and the motivation to walk with yourself through trying times.

One of my all time personal favorites is the Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate. I like to add it to my coffee in the morning or wipe up a Nut Milk Hot Chocolate in the evening.

Equally amazing is Mineral Alchemy. I love adding this to Soups and Bone Broths and I even add a couple of spoonfuls to my Sweet Tea.

The Saint Johns Wort Salve has been a life saver for me. It has provided deep good medicine to a hairline fracture in my foot. I rub on a generous amount before applying a Mullen Poultice each night to encourage healing.



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