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A Ceremony called Life - Our biggest Giveaway ever

A Ceremony called Life - Our biggest Giveaway ever

A Free Copy of
A Ceremony Called Life
When Your Morning Coffee is as Sacred as Holy Water
by Tehya Sky

is included FREE
with the next 48 orders placed at
*Sale Only or Fabric Sample Only orders are not included in promotion

This will happen quickly so order now if you must have one!!


This is hands down the most amazing and empowering giveaways we have ever offered here at Gaia Conceptions and I am deeply grateful for Sky’s generosity and trust to share this amazing book with you.
If you would like to purchase this book directly go here.


A Ceremony Called Life is an invitation to live *all* of life as the spiritual practice, and a guide into doing so. This book welcomes us to explore the wealth of meaning that is revealed when we bring the same loving attention to the mundane and challenging moments as we do the profound and sparkling ones. For anyone ready to rest in a deeper sense of embodied presence and connection, Sky lays out the map of the pervasive truth, beauty, and opportunity that rests in the center of all experience, and in doing so, empowers us to participate wholeheartedly in the Magic and Mystery of our human incarnation.


I love that this book found me right when I started to release my Ritual Kaftan Offerings. It was just the extra encouragement and validation I needed to push ahead with bringing these uniquely personal yet communal pieces forward. Sky’s words have a wonderful way of supporting the reader to recognize and celebrate their own Divinity and I feel deeply honored to share them with the Gaia Community.

“You contain within you all the energy of God, and so you will see how powerful you are, whether you like what you are giving life to or not. Things will never be rearranged for you just because you want them to be. To move into this deeper empowerment requires you stepping into the fact that you, yourself, are the Devine force you’ve been both praying for and praying to” Tehya Sky

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