Crystal Grid Divination


I see you tuning your mandolin to create the rhythm that will allow the nurse to dial into the correct instrument to hand the surgeon who will save a life today. I see you in the hospital, in the studio, in the kitchen, at the library, at the school, in your dining room on the phone doing what you can to clear the storm clouds, to hold the swirling matter at bay for just a little longer. Just until you can get to that perfect moment of success or failure that indicates it is time to call it a day. Can you let go of this constant turning for long enough to gain wisdom of its truth? Can you release yourself from yourself enough to really see yourself? Can you release each other from the relationship enough to really see the connection? Those places that hold steady as everything shifts and evolves around them, like bones to flesh, craggy cliff to rolling wave, can you ground into that? Only if you believe, if you trust that you are worthy of such stability. Only if you loosen your grip, stop holding so tightly to what can never be taken from you in recognition that it is innately yours. Only if you see what I see. Only if you see you with Lodelite, Selenite and Quartz.


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