Crystal Grid Divination


Accountability is not a one-way street. We should not hold ourselves accountable only to our superiors or even only to those we deem our peers, but, and arguably more importantly, to those we mean to or were enlisted to lead. Any hierarchical system that places checks on those below by those above without the reverse to balance it, is skating on thin, archaic ice, and ignoring the shortsighted, bigoted and oppressive nature of such evaluative inequity. A truly valuable and viable leader will take praise and constructive criticism from their team with equal grace and gratitude. They will learn from the exchange, growing more adept in their command through recognition of their own personal style as it weaves and evolves with those they organize and guide, those they work alongside of every day. This builds true depth of knowledge and character. This creates community instead of divisiveness, respect instead of contempt, love instead of fear. Be accountable to ALL with Dogwood and Ornamental Pear Branches, Black Tourmaline, Mahogany Obsidian, Shungite Pyramid, Rhodochrosite, Calcapyrite, Black Kyanite, Angle Wing Quartz, and Shiva Lingham.



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