Crystal Grid Divination


Would the crystal exist without the matrix stone it grows upon? How would the stars sparkle down without the firmament of sky? Could we float in the embrace of the sea without billions of tiny beads of water embracing one another? The foundation of the ALL is always the Sole. The strength of the Sole is always the ALL. And there is great beauty in both. Just as we might spy millions of interlocking orbs in the breadth of the widest view, there are entire sweeping landscapes held within the iris of an eye. We are nothing without everything. To deny each other is to deny ourselves. To hate each other is to hate ourselves. To embrace each other is to embrace ourselves. To love each other is to love ourselves. Now to seek balance with Amethyst in Matrix, Hematite in Pink Calcite, Prehnite, Amber, Orange Kyanite, Tibetan Quartz, and Ocean Jasper.


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