Crystal Grid Divination


It is a delicate art navigating neutrality in an atmosphere of extremes. The truth is we are all ALL of the things, a whole spectrum of light and shadow, but it’s the narrative we attach ourselves to in any given situation that ends up shaping our view of the world and ourselves in it. When we pause and allow ourselves to detach from such narratives with a neutral mind, this is when we might glimpse what others see. This is when we realize the multifaceted jeweled prism that we are. This is when we come to understand that we are not only the stories that we have lived and experienced, but also how we and others remember and relate those stories. We are our own narratives. So, lets start telling ourselves the most beautiful fairytale of sparkle and light, and not in ignorance of the shadow, but in its full embrace. Embracing inclusivity of all the glorious facets of the jewel starts within with Prehnite, Blue Calcite, Bloodstone, Tiger Eye, Amber, Orange Kyanite, Citrine, Chrysoprase, Sunstone and Aquamarine.


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