Crystal Grid Meditation


There is no reason to fear what You have already survived. When you close yourself off to pain, you are inadvertently closing yourself off to love, as well. And, you are connected to so much love and triumph. All of the glory, all of the beautiful positive creative energy of your ancestors lives within you. Every social movement that shifted the Universe to a higher vibration, every honoring, every evolution or revolution, every gentle embrace, every tear both joyous and heart wrenching, every late night or early morning spent in the service of a friend, every kindness great or small lives within each beating heart. This is divinity within humanity and humanity within divinity. This is who you truly are. So stop orbiting and reach out to that person, go after that dream, take that long awaited and well earned break. Go, Create, Be with Septarium Nodule, Citrine, Sodalite, Orange Kyanite and Tibetan Quartz.


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