Crystal Grid Meditation


Soften often. When we are faced with the the sting of the harsh realities of life, navigating relationships and situations that present challenges to our patience and peace of mind, our hearts can become hardened, our demeanors cold and our speech and actions unforgiving or seemingly unforgivable. Our collective albatross has made us all beasts of burden, questioning at times our ability to hold space even for our own shadows, much less have the grace and fortitude to weather the storm cloud of the masses. Compassion fatigue is a real threat to a shared sense of sanity, our ability to work together toward common goals of health, wisdom, harmony and justice. When you feel the strain of this encumbrance, there is true strength in recognizing your vulnerability, and softening to that same tenderness in us all. For just as the sea tempers the grainy roughness of the sand, we all might provide the same loving alchemy for one another through listening, seeking to deeply understand, compromising, forgiving and sometimes letting go. Grow through grace with Pink Tourmaline, Oyster Shell, Clam Shell, Sunstone, Tibetan Quartz, Golden Calcite, Carnelian, Pyrite, and Sea Urchin Spine.



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