Crystal Grid Meditation


As we welcome a powerful black moon in Cancer today, this is the dawning of tantric union of the ego conscious and the divine unconscious. A prescient and precious opportunity for shadow work of the most high vibrational quality. For this is The Great Revealing of our time, and such a trip down the rebirthing canal is strange and tight and laborious and terrifying and beautiful and evolutionary and revolutionary. What was hidden can no longer be disguised or silenced. The secrets of our individual and collective darkness seeping to the surface is a necessary byproduct of such a process. As we all connect in with what unconditional love means to us, the family we choose, and the deep inalienable right we all have to feel safe and secure; we must ask ourselves if the path of least resistance has ever actually been an option when we are facing the reality of our own deep and natural magic to shape our world for the better. We must see the beauty of the dark, stepping into it and letting it take over with all its sensual mystery and petrifying glory. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH with Double Terminated Elestial Triple Phantom Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, Amethyst and Moonstone.


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