Crystal Grid Meditation


Ask yourself in any given situation that ignites or requires a response, am I reacting from my wounds, or am I responding from my wisdom? Try to be at peace with either, for wounds are simply wisdom yet realized. It can be difficult to notice the difference when you are lost in shadow self, hurt, abandoned, still climbing toward the light. But, when you move forward from your deepest knowing, which is birthed from such experience and true nonjudgmental acceptance of whatever space another is acting from, it is quite smoothly discerned. You will feel this distinction only when you have learned the lesson that your wounding was meant to teach. There is no illusion in wisdom. It is clarity, peace, acceptance, self love and love for ALL. We can never truly know another’s perspective, but we can endeavor to come closer through questioning, listening and even letting go with kindness, rather than calling out without deeply knowing their story, what they have seen, accomplished or overcome. If you speak in a way that is clearly meant to wound, you are acting from your own pain. Strive to respond with wisdom, and be patient with yourself and others when they struggle to do the same with Hemimorphite, Skeletal Quartz, Larimar, Quartz, Aquamarine, Blue Apatite, Kyanite and Blue Lace Agate.



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