Crystal Grid Meditation


There is a verdant garden gate within us all, the key to which is held by our sweetest self, our inner child. Access is granted for the price of a dance or a giggle, a run through a field of the tallest grass with no inkling of the shopping mall that will flatten it in times to come. This child within speaks a forgotten tongue before the knowledge of loss or regret. It is the language of the cosmos waltzing, of birdsong and babbling brook, and of the river stones beneath those swirling waters. And the message it relates is that everything is love, you are heard, you are seen, you matter. This message is there within each and every one of us in all its pain and pleasure, vining around our heart. The most elegant invasive knowledge of peace among us and belief in ourselves, in abundance and that miracles happen every second with every thought, every motion, every breath. Nurture your inner child. Open and walk through that garden gate as often as possible. Attempt to live in that lush and present beauty evermore with Opalite Crescent Moon, Peridot, Prehnite, Fluorite, Jade, Mimosa Blooms, Ivy and Ornamental Pear.


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