Crystal Grid Meditation


Delusion is but a distorted mirror image of clarity, entitlement a strange reflection and projection of victim mentality, and the magical wishing well pool that holds space for the balance of these symbiotic bedfellows occupies opposite ends of another spectrum, as well: lack or gratitude. On which side of this looking glass will you choose to dwell? You can acknowledge both your pain and your privilege with full awareness, or remain in the dark. You can awaken to the power of grace or fight against such peace to ALL of our detriment. For grace that is met with conflict will only ever eventually insight more conflict, but grace that is met with grace will only ever create more peace. We cannot learn efficiently from clarity alone. Until you allow yourself to dive into the deepest depths of confusion and delusion, you will not truly understand its mirror image of clarity. Adversity allows such a plunge. Can you really know the boundaries of your own reality without questioning if it really exists or pushing it to its limits by any means necessary without judgment? On the other side of this coin, those who are troubled by learning comfortably from peace are more often than not those who have not had cause to get comfortable with pain. Realize that yours is not the only perspective, and if you believe that meeting peace with violence is acceptable, you have never known the pain of those you seek to oppress. See the limits of your perspective and open yourself to listening to another’s without the need to silence or shame with Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Carnelian and Orange Kyanite.


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