Crystal Grid Meditation


Lowering yourself to engage in mind games with others takes you out of your authentic power, and not even the height of that power, but just the potential of truly realizing it. Ask yourself if the tiny win is worth the brilliance of your destiny, and choose your battles wisely. Internal conflict is more easily expressed and worked through with others at the infancy of its arrival in our heart and mind. Therefore, it is necessary to allow others to communicate openly and truthfully without expectation or prejudice. Know that you always have a choice in what level is appropriate and comfortable and healthy for you to participate or not participate, and it is never your responsibility to choose or even influence this choice for another through deceptive means or otherwise. Having patience and kindness with yourself will filter through to patience and kindness for others. For how you treat yourself is always mirrored in how you treat those around you. When it is true and compassionate, this energy will never feel like a game, but will always reflect honoring, respect and love. Put away childish things. Expand, grow and step into your full power with Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Azurite, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz.


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