Crystal Grid Meditation


Stop waiting for someone else to crown you. You are the Empress. You are the Emperor. It is time to come to terms with the leader inside of you and take action. It is time to push through, to release whatever or whoever is holding you back, because the fact of the matter is, only YOU have the ability to hold yourself stagnant by refusing to see your own regal divinity. Stop worrying about how others see you. What have you grown from your grief? What have you gained from your loss? What have you built from a deeper upstanding of your misjudgments? We are here to see our path away from manipulation and towards acceptance; to flow with positive patterns rather than get lost in the lie that we might outmaneuver the Universe. The surreal thing about proscribed isolation is that it shines the brightest light on how connected we all are, how much we truly need and support one another, but also how strong we all are in our own right individually. And when you sit in your naked soul, and the light shines in exposing you, what does your true spirit look like? What does it desire? What does your purest joy require of you? Allow yourself to recognize how best to use your individual gifts to bring harmony to the collective, and take a seat on your divine throne. Crown yourself with Petrified Wood, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Amber and Orange Kyanite.


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