Crystal Grid Meditation


When thoughts of the past creep in, take the opportunity to revisit, review and revise. Remember that we are entering the last few days of Mercury retrograde, and the past tends to haunt our thoughts and emotions more often than actually manifesting in our physical reality. Give thanks for this. Our memories of people and situations can become warped with time and separation, and we must also remember that life goes on for others just as it does for us. Be mindful of this as you sift through these energies. Ask yourself what distance from this past has gifted you. See the positive aspects of pulling away from toxicity, while allowing yourself to see all sides of this erstwhile situation. Why did you walk away? Why did it not fit into your destiny? What has triggered these thoughts and emotions? Can you look at this from the other person’s perspective? Can you wish them well and release them from negative energy? Do you see how this benefits you, as well? How has the loss or pain helped you to grow? What steps can you take to incorporate the lessons, forgive, let go and rise? When you see the opportunity for awakening that this time provides, the shadow work that offers fertile ground for positive change in your choices, Mercury Rx will suddenly start to be something you long for rather than dread. See this sacred chance for expansion with Rose Quartz, Selenite, Quartz in Desert Rose and Angel Quartz.



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