Crystal Grid Meditation


As we age, the physical body takes longer to heal after a trauma or injury. Therefore, the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies ought to compensate for this reality by presenting in just the opposite way. Sadly this is not always the case, creating blockages to evolution and growth. That being said, it is certainly a balance for which we all might strive. For it is in recognition of a deeply engrained ability to accept such perceived obstacles and overcome them with grace and patient fluidity that brings peace and positive healing to the self and to the Universe as a whole. This may seem a strange existence, but only when you deny the wondrous miracle of it; everything turning in and out on itself, processing, creating, the new becoming the old becoming the new again. The body breaks down, but the spirit persists. Seek to heal the spirit with greater understanding. Be light within your heart, at peace in your mind and spirit, and grow, transform, transition gracefully with Amethyst, Brucite, Mica, Smoky Quartz, Pineapple Quartz, Yellow Jasper, Quartz in Pyrite, Rose and Forsythia.


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