Crystal Grid Meditation


I hear so many people say with reference to their relationships and connections, “It’s complicated.” This brings to mind an image of layer upon layer of fabric; individual yards of stories and experiences that pile on top, slip underneath and in between your own and that of others. There is a pattern here, a sense of structure and comfort in this layering; but is it sustainable? There comes a time to recognize the energy that breaks through such layers with ease in order to integrate with your own. This is compromise at its deepest level. It is pulling back, pulling apart the threads of the Self in order to see the path toward weaving together with that energy. And this creates a different sort of pattern. One that stretches out stronger in every direction infinitely. One that protects its stability, but also allows space for new strands of integration, new beautiful patterns to unfold. This is saying to yourself, “It’s easy. I want the highest joy.” And then only accepting that and those who weave that energy into your life. Create an ever expanding incandescent pattern with Kyanite, Ocean Jasper, Sodalite, Carnelian, Amber, Citrine and Peridot.


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