Crystal Grid Meditation


The partners who have true fulfillment and longevity do not claim “it is us against the world,” they insist “it is us for the world.” The trials you go through with another is something that you go through together. You are both affected equally. Both being asked, “are you ready to grow, to transform, to evolve?” In this way, we are all offered an opportunity to choose awareness, forgiveness; to choose understanding, humility; to choose ourselves through choosing those who raise us to our highest good, and thanking those who don’t for providing us the wisdom to know the difference. For pushing us to move where the energy is smooth, easy, steady, flowing. A babbling brook offering itself to you freely, joyously. Here is your heart racing with love, authentic love. And not from fear or insecurity, but from overflowing gratitude and warmth of spirit. Here is where you align yourself with your Self. When you are clogged up with worry and guilt, you are allowing your internal energy to engage with external energy that really does not serve you. Find the source of it and release it. Release into this shift gently. Yes, we grow through difficult experiences, but holding space for simplicity, recognizing when and where you have created more ease in your present moment through choosing what supports your highest Self is the ultimate evolutionary catalyst. See this power within yourself, within your partnerships and we can begin to see it and create it within the world with Pyrite, Jade, Ulexite, Chrysoprase, Selenite and Yellow Jasper.


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