Crystal Grid Meditation


Control. Power. What do these concepts mean to you? What do the words trigger in your mind and body? What or who have you attempted to control or manipulate to your will? What or who have you empowered or disempowered through your thoughts, words and actions? The answer can include yourself. And, most certainly because when we attempt to control or disempower others, we shine a spotlight on our own weaknesses, our own sense of lack of control over ourselves. This projection is never more visible than when we succumb to spite, envy, rage or jealousy. But if you can take a deep breath and recognize these triggers for what they truly are, our own insecurities, you flip them on their head and shift them into respect, compromise, acceptance and joy. When you recognize that not everything is for you, you begin to surrender to the blessings that clearly are; and they will roll in so beautifully, you will naturally release all thought of defining the parameters of another’s life. Structure is helpful. It is, by its very nature, comforting and empowering when we are free to delight in its design for ourselves. Empower yourself through allowing this creative license to all with Red Jasper, Pyrite, Carnelian, Citrine and Orange Kyanite.


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