Crystal Grid Meditation


You are a work of true innovative genius. As the sun moves into Aquarius, the energy is lush with freedom and metamorphosis, societal support enlivened through progressive ideals, hope and healing. The truth begins to awaken within, the reality that we are all connected, all One, all capable and empowered by commiseration, by seeing our own reflection in the state of the Universe. Will you choose to hit snooze on this inspired stirring of inner knowledge? Will you allay the call of your true self in connection to Source? To all that came before? To all that is? To all that is yet to be? Or will you rouse and engender this magical gift, this sudden enlightenment? What are you waiting for? Wake up with Amethyst Flower, Elestial Etched Keyhole Quartz Wand, Aquamarine, Kyanite, Fluorite, and Azurite.


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