Crystal Grid Meditation


Only when you truly release the past, will the Universe bring in true blessings. If you continue to hold to tight to regret or shame or anger or hate or negative thoughts that no longer serve your highest good, Source will continue to test you until you learn the lesson of the superiority of compassion, patience and understanding. It is only when you refuse to stop loving, refuse to dim that opportunities that feel like home to you will start to gravitate toward your light. Because light is substance. The darkness is absence. And you are a being of light, a child of the sun and the moon, sibling and cousin to the stars. And light attracts more light and can never be put out by the darkness. A candle’s flame cannot be snuffed out by the darkness. So too can your inner flame never be stifled by the dark. Realize the power of your light with Emerald, Quartz, Citrine, Blue Appatite, Blue Topaz, Fluorite, Aquamarine, Flat Opal and Kyanite.


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