Crystal Grid Meditation


It’s time to let go of any bitterness. Do not carry that dead weight into the new year. Your destiny awaits on the other side of this release. When people throw you shade, and you react with light energy, you attract more blessings, more abundance, more friendship, more romance, more sensuality, more brilliance, more love into your life. Thank your haters for giving you such a golden opportunity to grow. See their humanity and empathize with their choices as a reflection of you as a fellow human. Recognize that in holding onto situations, people and thoughts that make you feel bad, you are choosing to continue to participate in your own sadness. Take the time needed to reflect and see your way through to positive shifts in perspective and action for yourself, but let that shit go. Let it burn in the blinding light of the returning sun and propel you forward into stability, joy and love with Golden Calcite, Rose Quartz, Quartz, Carnelian, Clam Shell, Amber and Mica.


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