Crystal Grid Meditation


When the student is ready the teacher will arrive. When you are ready for the lesson, you are able to see it. You are able to hear it. You are able to feel it. You able to taste it, to even smell it in the air. All of your senses embrace it, because you recognize this instruction and its source with your whole self. Body, mind, heart and spirit combine to call out for and accept this mastery. Such recitation can be life altering, because at its essence it is pain transitioning to joy, fear transforming to rapture. It can bring you to tears or envelope you in happiness, but always at a frequency of the purest acceptance of the lesson. Ready yourself to discern the truth. Be open to it, and it will appear quite naturally. Entwine yourself in the sacrality of your own divine inner knowing, and recognize that opening yourself to new understanding invites the pedagogue. Open your heart and spirit to the teacher with Lepidolite, Petrified Wood, Super Seven Stone, Apache Tear, Citrine and Orange Kyanite.


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