Crystal Grid Meditation


We all know that the veil is thin at this blessed time of Samhain. Those who follow the wheel of the year utilize the energy of this time to connect with the other side, those who we have loved or admired who have passed on, our ancestors, our guides, Source. But, this is also such a beautiful time to simply connect to that which is deeply physical, as well. That space within ourselves that we might disconnect from the air we breathe and the earth beneath our feet; the rain that falls on our fingertips or drenches us to the bone. And, as Mercury begins to spin on its heels, skillfully and sneakily bringing back the past for our reconsideration, use this time to be grateful for the lessons you have learned. To affirm love and joy and peace with each drop of water that you drink, each new and genuine connection, each experience of darkness or light. For it is all wisdom. It is all an incredible gift. And, when you take that gift with a grateful and graceful heart, you give back eternal light and love. Receive in gratitude and reciprocate love and light with Pyrite, Owl Fetish, Black Coral, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Shungite and Bard Owl Feather.


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