Crystal Grid Meditation


With so much focus on controlling, orchestrating, watching and sometimes even waiting with the force of a train on fire, we can forget that some choices are not ours to make. Such decisions reside in the realm of the divine, of which we are only one beautiful part of the whole. We must strive to recognize when it is time to be content to call in healing and let go. Call in balance and let go. Call in abundance and let go. Call in joy and let go. Call in community and let go. Call in love and let go. This release is not stagnant, but a superior skill in manifestation. It is trust, faith, reciprocity, complete surrender in gratitude and recognition of your higher self and its ability to co-create your most beneficial and treasured existence with Source. Call in divine providence. Call in your souls deepest desire and watch it materialize as soon as you let go with Conch Shell, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Goddess Stone and Cobaltoan Dolomite.


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