Crystal Grid Meditation


It is so often the case that we observe strength in action, in speaking up, calling out, fighting back, for or against. However, sometimes the greatest strength is found in holding back, having patience, going with the flow of life and relinquishing control. With the Aries full moon shining above and the shadow of an approaching Mercury Rx looming, there is no better time to pull back and observe before taking a leap. There is nothing wrong with sticking a toe in before diving into unexplored waters, or allowing life to come to you for awhile. Never apologize for taking the time that you need to decide. If someone or something is pressuring you one way or the other, it is not your responsibility to quell their fear or sense of lack or expediency. You are only responsible for your own well being. Let that forever be your guide in every decision and you will never go astray. Take your time. Have patience with yourself and others and align to light with Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Rutile in Hematite, Citrine, Sweetgumball Husks and Clam Shell.


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