Crystal Grid Meditation


Alchemical magic. This is the process by which we balance who we are with who we wish to be; equalize ourselves with another; or come into harmonious union with another, with a community, or with our deeper selves. Such balance is gained through the blending of the two into one, and that mixture is your present moment. That combination is your authentic Self. As we float in the romance of the Libra New Moon energy, it is the perfect time to set intentions around such alchemy. To recognize the beautiful process of cocreation with the Universe that seeks something new in the combination of disparate entities into a single vision, emotion, form or spirit; the amalgamation of our past and future selves. For this combination is the true Self. This combination is All knowing, All forgiving, All surrendering, Enlightened. Healed. Do not be afraid, for this union may bring surprises in its originality, but that is the nature of true transformation. A harmony, pure and deep, a bond so striking and intimate is possible. Surrender to it with Turquoise, Aquamarine, Prehnite, Peridot, Kyanite, Flat Opal, Blue Topaz, Opalite and Angel Quartz.


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