Crystal Grid Meditation


Move toward what lightens and enlightens you. Move toward what lights you up with love. Speak up, go forth, make a choice, do, be, move. Even the smallest of steps toward a goal is progress. But if it does not bring joy and light to your heart, pass it by. If you have to wear a false mask to achieve it, it’s not for you. And not everything is for you. If it is, it will surely be yours. If it is, your intuition will guide you toward it through the way that it makes you feel. So, focus on that feeling, and direct all of your thoughts and movements on dispelling any negativity around your goal and moving toward it with love and light and joy in your heart and spirit. There has never been an indicator more true of your life purpose than your own happiness and positive will. Never an outcome more valuable than the one that honors your truth, your self worth with honesty and kindness. Do not be afraid of rejection or failure. If it is for you and you approach it with an open honest heart, it will be yours. Go out and get what belongs to you with Pyrite, Golden Calcite, Rutile in Hematite, Orange Kyanite, Sulfur and Amber.


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