Crystal Grid Meditation


When you feel yourself spiraling out of control, change direction, change perspective by spiraling in instead. You may find yourself feeling 100% sure of something or someone. When this happens take the time to spiral in and check your true north. There is always a grain of salt that you must, at the very least, acknowledge before moving forward. Within you find the beating of your own heart, the beating of a hummingbird’s wings; your deep regenerative breath, the ocean waves on a calm day at sea; your arteries and veins, mycelia reaching and connecting each thought, each feeling, each motion of the universe within. The answers you seek are here. Your guides, your angels, your ancestors are all right here, for they are you and you are them. Ever weaving, ever growing, ever spiraling infinitely in all directions. As the earth itself approaches true north for the first time in 360 years, your opportunity to align your whole self to your own precious destiny is at hand. Reach within and grasp it. Hold it close and never let go. Spiral in with Smokey Quartz, Purple Fluorite, Garnet, Bloodstone, Labradorite, Kambaba Stone and Snail Shell.


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