Crystal Grid Meditation


Negotiation. In negotiating relationships we may find ourselves at a crossroads. We must make a decision in order to progress forward. Should I lay it on thick with this person, overextending my kindness? Should I be rigid in my boundaries, protecting myself from being hurt or disappointed? Such forks in our path may feel as tenuous as eggshells and somehow also as cumbersome as a neutron star in our heart. But there is another path that can serve or hinder in these pressing choices, and that is the path directly behind you. What deliberation tactics have helped you to avoid dispute or reach a compromise in the past? Who are the people, group or individual, who have often brought you to such contingencies and why? Negotiations, like most of life’s endeavors, require balance. A balance of understanding the past and projecting the future all within the present moment. What they should not require is for you to play games. The choice in the end is quite simple. Be yourself. Offer what lights you up, calmly and comfortably, with passion and intuitive knowledge. When a negotiation is worth entertaining it requires nothing more or less than who you really are. Deliberate success on all planes for all folk in all time and space with Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Carnelian and Selenite.



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