Crystal Grid Meditation


Slow and steady wins the race. There are times in our life when we adhere steadfastly to this fabled aphorism with commendable courage and grace; and there are those people in our lives who always seem to live by this code, taking their time with each decision, weighing all of the options, patiently discerning. And yet, there are moments when we feel we must act quickly, seize an opportunity and hold on for dear life lest it be ripped from our grasp. I would argue that these hasty moments of chance are far less of a reality as they are contrived and fear based stories that we tell ourselves in order to justify our failures and downplay our success or the success of others. The truth is that the Universe often moves much more slowly than we desire. Try to take notice of when Source is pressing you to slow down. It could be as simple as the breeze stopping or as complex as the death of a loved one. How do you react to the pressure of such roadblocks or obstacles, stagnation or unknowns? Can you slow down to meet the pace of a higher power than yourself? Can you resist your FOMO and recognize that time doesn’t actually exist? Slow down. For when you reach the ribbon at the end of this race, you might just break through a portal to an entirely new timeline. You might just upgrade. You might just evolve from the simple act of allowing. Slow down. Allow, with Turtle Shell, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Shaman Stone, and Deer Tooth.


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