Crystal Grid Meditation


When divine feminine and divine masculine meet in sacred union: Creation. The unconditional love that supports such a meeting is protective without controlling, nurturing without smothering, confident without arrogance, kind without unreasonable expectations. This synthesis is possible within each and every one of us and in our ability to commit, to compromise, to heal, to respect, to trust, to be passionate and compassionate with others. From this union comes abundance. From the recognition of our divine selves and the seeking of balance and integration of these energies, the once Unknowable is suddenly understood, the great Mystery just the miracle of our beautiful divinity flowing and amalgamating through all space and time. Balance the divine masculine and the divine feminine within and without with Ocean Jasper, Flat Opal, Angel Quartz, Pink Calcite, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz, Pyrite and Carnelian.


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